Why Twitter?

One of the most difficult, challenging and rewarding aspects of preparing for an MUN conference is discovering relevant information and keeping track of current developments. A very efficient way of receiving and organising useful information from a variety of sources (be they international organisations, news outlets, NGOs or individuals) is by following their activities and reports on Twitter.

Furthermore, following the HMUNO on Twitter (@HMUNO), you can instantly receive all our announcements concerning AMUN and TMUN, as well as tips and interesting articles that will help you with your preparation.

What's on @HMUNO?

A significant number of interesting resources that can be very useful for your preparation but also for your personal information and research are already waiting for you through @HMUNO (see below).

All announcements concerning AMUN and TMUN (upcoming conferences, deadlines, interview dates etc.) will also appear on our Twitter feed appropriately marked with the #AthMUN and #ThesMUN hashtags. Our Twitter updates will also appear in the AMUN and TMUN Facebook pages, when relevant.

We will also be sharing with you any web content we come across that can be useful or interesting to our MUN community, as well as useful tips for your preparation.

    Get started with...

We are currently following over 130 accounts which we have organised into "lists". These include:

  • UN System
    UN bodies, agencies and programmes
  • Member-states sources
    Permanent UN missions, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Governments
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
    Organisation active in human rights, medical care, economics, public administration etc.
  • News sources
    News agencies, portals, newspapers
  • International affairs
    International affairs commentary and analysis
  • Inter-Governmental organisations and agencies
    Regional organisations, research institutions, specialised international organisations

How can you help?

If you come across other sources that you think could be useful to other participants, please let us know! Over time and with your help, we can turn @HMUNO into one of the most comprehensive MUN resources available!

Practical Q&A

How can I follow the feeds that are followed by @HMUNO?

If you have a Twitter account, you can follow individual feeds choosing from our "Following" list. Following all the members of one of our lists can be done in a single move by subscribing to that list (instead of following all the accounts one by one).

Should I assume every source followed by HMUNO to be trustworthy and impartial?

No. Follows and retweets by HMUNO do not imply an endorsement and/or agreement with the specific organisation or content. As in all your research, you should always try to evaluate the possible bias of each source.

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