The Security Council

The Security Council is intended as a forum for the most experienced, hard-working and motivated students. SC delegates shall be expected to be very well prepared. Participation in the Security Council will require constant attention to global affairs and therefore advisors should be very careful in their choice of delegates for Security Council positions.

Ministry of Education

An official approval for the conference is issued every year by the Ministry of Education and is available for download below.

Official approval by the Ministry of Education

We are including the greek translation of the programme and the agenda, as well as an invitation to the conference, all of which may be required by your local board of secondary education to grant you approval to participate.

Greek translation of agenda, programme and invitation


In order to ensure a higher standard of competence of the delegates, the Organisers will be conducting briefing sessions during which students will be briefed on the MUN in general, the procedure and the topics on the TMUN agenda. Advisors are urged to contact the Organising Team as soon as they form their delegations to arrange one.