Before we get started

Schools wishing to participate are invited to read the terms and conditions of participation. After that, you can proceed as outlined below. Please read through ALL the instructions before proceeding with registration. You can download the registration instructions in a single PDF document.

You can download the registration instructions here:

Registration procedure

  • How do we register our school?

Registration is carried out online through the corresponding form below on this page.

The online form requires:

  1. School and advisor (contact) information
  2. The number of participating delegates
  3. Delegation preferences: a number of delegation groups (mainly divided along geographical terms) to be provided in order of preference for your school's assignments. You may only choose among the options included in the Delegations' List. The Delegations' list is available online and can also be downloaded.
  • Anything in particular we need to know about this form?

By registering your school, you are pre-booking seats for your delegates.

The registration form is considered valid for 15 working days after submission, when the deadline for depositing the corresponding fees will expire. This means that you have a period of 15 working days, during which you must deposit the fees in order to secure your school's participation.

After the expiration of the 15-day period your registration form will no longer be considered valid and your seat pre-booking will be cancelled. Should that occur you can submit a new registration form.

Once you have registered your school, we will send you an e-mail under the subject "School Registration Form Received" informing you on the exact deadline.

  • How many students can we bring?

Each Senior high school (Lykeio) can be assigned with up to 18 seats and each Junior high school (Gymnasio - only students in Grade 9) can be assigned with up to 12 seats.

N.B. The TMUN is open to students in Grades 9 to 12 ONLY.

School Registration System

In addition to school and advisor information, the form requires you to state a number of delegation groups (mainly divided along geographical terms) in order of preference. You may only choose among the options included in the Delegations' List bellow:

Please note that the list will be updated to exclude delegations that are assigned, so make sure you use the updated version when you eventually register.

  • Is there a participation fee? How much is it?

Yes. The expenses of the conference are covered solely by the participation fees collected from the participating schools. It is vital that fees are deposited as soon as possible, as advance payments are often required and a delay may lead to extreme difficulties in the organisation of the conference.

Fees for each school are calculated as follows:

  • Delegates: 5.00€/person

There are no individual fees for Advisors, officers and members of the Press Team.

N.B. Please do not deposit the fees before you receive the "School Registration Form Received" e-mail confirming the availability of the requested seats.

  • How do we pay the fees?

The total amount of the participation fees corresponding to the number of seats requested is deposited by the Advisor in the following bank account. It is no longer necessary to fax the deposit receipt, deposits are monitored via e-banking service.

Εθνική Τράπεζα
Αρ. Λογαριασμού: 163/48047164
National Bank of Greece
Account No.: 163/48047164
IBAN: GR23 0110 1630 0000 1634 8047 164

IMPORTANT! Please make sure that your school's name clearly appears with the deposit or we will not be able to confirm you have indeed deposited the fees!

  • Does sending the registration form mean that we will be assigned with a delegation?
    • No, sending the registration form alone does not secure your school's participation in the conference.
    • Your participation will be confirmed and delegations will be assigned to you only after the fees have been deposited.
  • Is there a deadline for submitting the school registration form?
  • Yes, the deadline for registration is , However, due to the increased increased number of schools eager to participate we may reach our maximum capacity well before the expiration of the deadline!

    Therefore, we encourage the Advisors to register and deposit the fees as soon as possible.

  • When are we assigned with delegations?
  • The first delegation assignments will be sent out on , to schools that have registered and deposited the participation fees up to that date. Following that, delegation assignments will be communicated on a weekly basis (every Sunday evening) to schools that register and deposit the fees anytime during the week (e.g. if the deposit is made on a Tuesday, the school will receive their assignment on the following Sunday evening).

    N.B. HMUNO hopes that no students are barred from attending our conferences due to economic difficulties regarding the required participation fees. For this reason financial aid may be offered to students who face economic disadvantages on the basis of demonstrated need.Please email to enquire further.

Delegate Registration System